Make The Business Case For A Firm To Hire You.

The single most important thing to keep in mind when interviewing at a law firm is to understand how the law firm will make money when they hire you.

It sounds shallow, but law firms exist to make money.  Hiring you to sit in an office and wait for work to land on your desk is a horrible strategy.  Make the decision to hire you an easy one for the firm.

Will you bring clients?  Will you solve a problem (i.e., handle existing work that is not being done)?  Will you fill some internal hole in the law firm’s legal team that will assist the firm attract or support clients?  Whatever it is, being able to understand and articulate the business case for hiring you is the first step.

The next step is to be able to articulate why YOUR solution is better than all other solutions.

About Craig Sandok

Craig is a legal recruiter with over twelve years of experience placing attorneys with top law firms and corporate in-house legal departments. Craig is a graduate of Syracuse University College of Law. After law school he practiced as a commercial litigator both in New York and Minnesota before entering the legal recruiting field. Craig has been active with various bar associations and has been recognized for his commitment to promote social justice and awareness for the need for pro bono work. Craig is also a frequent speaker on legal staffing trends and is often quoted in legal-related media on legal staffing issues.
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